Author Topic: An Offer For Those Who Want To Mine Altcoins - Jan 29, 2018  (Read 5551 times)

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Re: An Offer For Those Who Want To Mine Altcoins Jan 29 2018
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Fast forward a few years. It is the second week of second grade for little Ping Pong. The teacher asks,, What does your daddy do Michelle?  Ping Pong replies my Daddy is a miner. Teacher states oh wow, You and your Mom must be proud of your Daddy, mining is hard work. It does not look that hard to me Ping Pong says. Daddy sits on his ass all day and looks at a big computer screen. My mommy's job is hard work tho. She has to serve him, clean up after him, tend to all the animals, chop firewood you name it. Mom says daddy is just lazy.  Teacher stares into space with a rather puzzled look on her face.

And throw in all the bugs that young kids bring home from school, both figuratively and metaphorically.   :D
SMH everyday at the B.S.
Hip waders required!
Keeping the bleach closet stocked daily.
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