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Troy William Reid Fire Safety Videos - Part 3
« on: January 01, 2018, 01:29:04 pm »
How To Use The Emberlit Ultralight Titanium Survival Wood Stove - Aug 24, 2015

On August 24, 2015 Troy William Reid wrote:

The Emberlit ultralight titanium wood stove is now a permanent part of my bug out bag. It is super light, super thin and very convenient.

I never need to carry fuel with me anymore which gives me more space and weight for survival gear.

I take the Emberlit titanium stove with me on hikes and survival training alike. It goes where I go now.

The Emberlit titanium stove was a gift from Bison from Buggingin:

First you simply set up the Emberlit stove by sliding the pieces together.

Then put in your tinder just like starting a camp fire. Next, just as with a fire, feed in smaller twigs to get some coals and flame going.

Start feeding in ever larger twigs until you get to the point where you are feeding in about 4 sticks at a time. That is all that will fit in the feeder door.

Longer twigs work best. Just keep feeding them into the wood cook stove as they burn down.

When the fire is going you can already start to cook. This stove takes a little bit longer to boil water due to starting a fire and getting it going.

But it uses free fuel you find on the trail so it leaves you with more room in your backpack or bug out bag. I love this fact. I never need to take fuel with me again.

The Emberlit titanium camp stove works very well for me.

My only problem is that cooking over a fire is messy and you will have a sooty pot when you are done.

I plan to have a leather pot cover eventually and also one for the survival cook stove.

This is now the only stove I carry. Thanks again Bison for such an awesome gift.

Would you buy a used truck from this man?

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