Author Topic: 56. CHEAP SUNGLASSES 2 (another version of the ZZ Top song)  (Read 129 times)

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This is the third time I've used a song for two separate parodies...


Woke up in the Sari shop instead of the dumpstead
Grab a 3-in-1 coffee for my 1000 MPH head
Con my benefactor into coughing up more cashes
and open a box full of cheap sunglasses
Oh yeah

That Filipino junk food is still sitting on the shelf
Itís selling like hotcakes, thatís what I tell myself
Make another vid, bring these products to the masses
Somebody better buy these cheap sunglasses
Oh yeah

Tear open another box filled with useless crap
USB car chargers, will you look at dat!
Where are all the customers, get up off your asses
and get in here and buy these cheap sunglasses
Oh yeah

Over at Troybusters, they say Iíve flipped my lid
Apartment Ďfrigerator filled with soda pop and squid
Back at the dumpstead thereís no one to cut the grasses
Soon itís off to Ebay with these cheap sunglasses
Oh yeah

Canít afford a burger but Iíve got products for my store
What the hell do I care, that old lady pays it all
Hereís a nifty drinking cup covered with poop graphics
Itíll go great with these cheap sunglasses
Oh yeah

The best kind of customers are the elderly
Show them a box of trinkets, say itís all quality
If I keep the lights low maybe they wonít see the scratches
as I con them into buying these cheap sunglasses
Oh yeah

I love being a bidnizzman, life is such a ball
if this store takes off maybe the Turks will buy it all
once again I proved Iím the king of jackasses
and I guess I'm stuck with these cheap sunglasses
Oh yeah

The original for reference:
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