Author Topic: Troy Reid Violates Michigan Safety Zone While Hunting Deer on His Property  (Read 364 times)

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Troy Reid admits in his video description that he was hunting on his own land, which is a serious violation of hunting regulations in Michigan State.

See page 7, Michigan Hunting on Private Lands.

Never shoot near buildings or where people or livestock are living. Observe all safety zone areas – 450 feet from possibly inhabited structures.

Hunter Pleads Guilty to Violating Safety Zone

Troy Reid claims in his statement the Michigan DNR gave him permission to hunt from the window of his home and he had permission from homeowners within 500 feet of his house.

Troy Reid states that he was in the woods on his property when he shot a deer 30 to 40 yards away. His statement places him well within 450 feet of occupied buildings on neighbouring properties.

Did Troy Reid run off to buy a tag for the deer he killed?

A Guide to Hunting, Tagging and Transporting Deer in Michigan the Right Way

How to Validate, Tag and Transport Your Game

1.    Immediately validate your tag and fasten it correctly to the antler lower jaw or lower leg using a strong piece of wire of cord across the sticky side of the tag and fold in half.

2.    To validate the tag correctly is to notch out the day (both first and second digits) on the bottom of the tag. On the side of the tag, notch the month and the sex of the animal from the tag. Note: on tags valid for deer with antlers (combo-license) there is also a section on the side of the tag to notch for number of points on each antler.

3.    Be sure when attaching the tag that ALL of the tag is legible and visible. The tag must remain attached to the animal until butchered or accepted for taxidermy or processing.

4.    To transport, the animal must be properly tagged. As long as the animal is properly tagged, you may transport another person’s as well.
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