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Troy Reid's Booster T-Shirt/Donation Scams
« on: December 30, 2017, 03:40:42 pm »

Partial list of items Troy scammed from people:

* $40,000+ for the Lewiston, Michigan property
* $3000 for a mail order child bride
* $100s baby clothes and supplies
* $800 mini-bike
* Trucker Buckís mini-bike
* 2 bicycles
* $1500 composting toilet
* $1000s equipment (handsaws, drills, lights, etc)
* $1000s camping equipment
* $100s generators
* 3 TVs
* 2 $1000 forklift batteries
* 5 campers
* 1 tractor
* 1 jeep
* 1 car
* 2 trucks
* 2 riding mowers
* several cameras
* trips to Ireland, Australia, Philippines and Canada
* 2 weddings
* wedding gifts
* much more

Troy paid for none of the above items himself. He scammed it all from strangers, Christian Assembly International (CAI) cult members, and family.

Troyís biggest con was scamming his 80-year-old widowed landlady into letting him desTROY her land.

Troy Reid's Barn Wood and Junk Abandoned on Mrs Wright's Property - Part 1

Troy Reid's Barn Wood and Junk Abandoned on Mrs Wright's Property - Part 2

TroyBot T-Shirts - Troy Reid's Theft of Intellectual Property for Profit

Troy Reid makes money using other peopleís intellectual property. Troy, does this mean that itís legal for you to steal the intellectual property of Ben because you say itís okay?

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Troy Reid is a Member of Christian Assemblies Int'l Cult:

Troy Reid's Abandoned Junk & Trash:

Troy Reid's Altcoin Fraud:
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