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TROY has always stated that the OFF GRID PROJECT was started so he could show people how to get off the grid on a budget of 5000.00 .

Well he has again proven this is one of his LIES , and by his own words ......................................

The following excerpt is from his blog post on at,titled ...........  The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls
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The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls
Postby techman » Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:40 am

Here is the timeline of events starting from the time that I started The Off Grid Project, to the day I lost my job in January 2013 up until the current time. This will include details about how and why things happened. I will also include the events which the trolls caused during this time.

I used to be self employed and a freelance SEO expert (Search Engine Optimization) and a website designer. I also had an online web store on The Do It Yourself World site.

I had hopes of growing The Do It Yourself World in order to make sales online so I started The Off Grid Project to help grow my channel and my websites. That was the original plan. But things changed during the last two years. Mostly for the good with my videos.

I started The Off Grid Project while living at my current location in the woods two years ago. The idea was to boost my websites, sell books and make online sales on my web store at TheDIYworld.

I made videos and some DIY projects but I had no viewers and nothing really came of it. I tried to get a Kickstarter campaign going but they said my idea was "not creative enough". Funny that. I went to Indegogo which is another crowd funding platform but they want you to ask your friends and family for money while they take a cut of the funds. Well, I could do that alone and nobody believed in my project enough at that time.

I made more solar panels and improved my life a little bit during the first year of The Off Grid Project. This is a period that very few of you know about because it is the year before my channel became popular.

I was a freelancer but considered myself employed full time by the last company I worked for. I was working full time plus overtime and had no other clients during the year I worked there. I moved into an apartment with a friend around October 2012. It was a bad move but life happens.

In January 2013 due to a failing economy I lost my position at that company.

I was living in an apartment at the time and had my camper in the woods behind the place. I started pumping out work for The Do It Yourself World using my camper as an office and a work shop. My landlord decided that he could charge me an extra $6-800 per month rent for using my camper which had already been there for 6 months according to our original agreement. He basically said pay or leave. I left. I made my move in the middle of a blizzard and made some videos of my experience.

At that time I had no light, no heat and very little solar power. I had a homemade 65 watt solar panel and a tired battery.

The videos were a hit and people asked me to make daily videos of my life. The Off Grid Project transformed and grew into the YouTube channel that you see today.

I moved all my belongings back to the meadow where I had spent the previous year and kept going with The Off Grid Project full time. I took on a part time job so I could pay the bills. I also reduced my bills to the bare minimums. I was using a smart phone as an internet device. I was fully off the grid. Not comfortable but off the grid.

Around March I started doing Monday night talk shows on a streaming internet radio site. It was a fun way to interact with people.

The above paragraphs detail the beginnings of The Off Grid Project. The following will show the start of the attacks and the drama that followed. If you do not like drama, please do not read the following posts. If you want to know the truth and the timeline, then please continue.
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