Community's sense of humour

Troy Reid would like you to believe that this community is just a bunch of angry trolls... He doesn't want YOU to read what we have to say or show... He wants you to trust him...

Come inside, meet friendly people with a great sense of humour. A proud community that will gladly offer troll cookies to newcomers. Interact with the members, ask questions if you want. Read the forums and form your own opinion! Disclaimer: At times, you might need mind bleach... But no worries, we've got that too!

Troybusters Community... EVOLUTION

This community evolved into much more than just forums, keep an eye on 2018 - Many surprises to come.


You read it right... NOW AVAILABLE, you can play MeadowQuest Beta! Have fun and give your ideas in the forums!

Discord Voice!

Come chat with us, voice or text... Lots of fun and a lot of humour about Despicable Troy.